June 20th Images

A profound observation indeed


Anyone else secretly hope to see these things being used


As an engineer, this is how I picture love.


Do or do not... there is no try


Epic photoshop clone.


Goodnight Sweet Prince


Hmm, Pavlov...


I'm Sorry


It's shit like this Google Maps


Juggler giving up his dream.


Just a friendly reminder so the show doesn't get canceled again.


Now this is a shower


Peeing in the pool


Rednecks and their trucks


Sometimes I forget just how big the Pacific ocean is


Tesla at work.


This was waiting for me by the front door this morning.




What really happened in Vancouver



As always, Reddit is credit to internet!

One thought on “June 20th Images

  1. XD lol
    I like them, even I found some of them silly

    and my favorite is the Joda dog XD lol so cute =)

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