Andrea Miller’s Welcome Home Party

First things first, we watched this video before we left.

Then we went to Athens and got things to eat and drink, and watched a little Black Dynamite. (Shhhh You’ll wake up the other bitches)

Keeshia thought it best to make a pizza early.

It was time to take it out of the oven.  So I helped.

These two were looking for booty.

Then we all got together for a picture.

Then some Dirty Dancin happened.

Matt would not drink water.


Then Charlie and his angels showed up.

Then it was black light time.

We had a pushup war.

She needed to sit down to cook her food.

Then Heather made a bridge.


Drinks :P


Then Mandy came late :) but no Andy:(


Then the party started to die down, around 4:30 :P

Pizza time

Eyes what?

Time to go

But wait that is not the only good thing that came in a night, Keeshia also got a hat :)


Halloween 2009

Athens Ohio Halloween 2009 - Death Note

This Halloween was super fuc—-fun!

First before I get to Halloween 2009 in Athens, let’s go back a week and see a few pumpkins that my friends and I made, shall we? Fuck it, I’m going back even if you don’t want me too.

Here is Keeshia with her nice little reddit alien logo

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