Bakemonogatari Episode 5

OK, so this one will make me keep watching it for a bit longer, and I’ll see where the new episodes take me.

Perhaps starting at episode 4 was a bad idea(I watched 1-3 about 9 moths earlier, perhaps I should have just completely started over.)

I enjoyed this one a lot more than episode 4, and the ending is what made me really want to stay and watch more.

I find I’m enjoying the characters a lot more, and the snail thing and not being able to see her surprised me.

I’m watching Toradora! at the same time and enjoy it a lot more, but we’ll see where the next episode brings me.


Beyond The Boundary Review

“How Unpleasant”

From the title it looks like I didn’t like it, but I did enjoy it.  This was a rather weird watch for me, I watched the first 3 episodes, then didn’t watch it again for a month.  Then watched three more and took a smaller break from it.  Then I watched the rest in one sitting.  It really picks up towards the end, so if you are not enjoying the start, it’s worth the finish… Well, kind of anyways.  It was wonder at the end, till the very end, I don’t even know where the fuck they pulled that ending from, but it was a bad idea.

Beyond The Boundary Bucket Head

For the most part I enjoyed the characters, there were a lot of laugh out loud moments, good action, and the animation was top notch.  I would recommend you watch it, though I have been watching Kill La Kill and for me, it’s hard to be the anime next to KLK, since I enjoy that so much and both have powerful ladies doing the fighting.  Random picture time?

Beyond The Boundary Unpleasant


Beyond The Boundary Wall


Beyond The Boundary 1


Beyond the Boundary Ending


Beyond The Boundary I like What I See