Randomly 2005

David Holden Dancing


David Holden Playing In The Groove


David Holden slapping Tony Cebaks booty


David Holden Throwing Tony Cebak 2


David Holden Throwing Tony Cebak


Tony Cebak after sex


Tony cebak breaking wind in front of David Holden


Tony Cebak having sex with David Holden


Tony Cebak humping Cody Rapol


Tony Cebak


A Nice Snack


Bruce Holt


Cody Rapol is retarded 

Cody Rapol Tony Cebak and Keeshia McDonald are batpimps


Cody was once a teenager




Dave S


David Holden at Wal-Mart


David Holden being David Holden


David Holden is Skinny


Dayne Eric Uhrig


Donnie Rapol on xmas


Donnie Rapol


First attempt at photoshop




I knew then


In The Groove Combo


John Brown


Keeshia McDonald and Cody Rapol in December 2005


Keeshia McDonald and Tony Cebak


Keeshia McDonald can glide


Keeshia McDonald Cody Rapol and Kollin Hardwick at the setting of the sun


Keeshia McDonald in 2005


Kollin Hardwick Hooping


Kollin Hardwick outdoing David Holden


Kollin Hardwick Tony Cebak David Holden and Cody Rapol are not high


Kyle Devers


Lori Rapol on xmas


Mcdonald Sisters Dancing


Mindy Alexander


Mindy and Dave


Mindy and RJ


Nate Swogger


Nick Bosh Cody Rapol Keeshia McDonald and Tony Cebak have fun with DDR


Rayden the cat


Rice Heart


Sherri and Zeb


Spencer Gifts





Tony Cebak David Holden and Cody Rapol at Spencer Gifts


Tony Cebak is a model




The Biggest Water Blister Ever

I went to Zuma Beach in California to lay out with my gal to get a tan. Both of us were in the sun for about 4 hours, and we had sunblock on, but as you will see, that didn’t stop it from destroying our legs. Her legs were no where near as messed up as mine, which seems weird to me since she is even whiter than I am, but at least she didn’t have to deal with a water blister that big, it felt like a water balloon being carried, only on my leg… Anywho, make sure you watch the video if you have not yet, then look at the pictures.

Maybe the biggest water blister ever.
You can see on my leg here how burnt I am.

If you click on the picture and enlarge it, you can see all the other tiny water blisters I have from the sun.