June 3rd Images

... mostly asshole friends.


Insert your own joke here
A proud father.


Abbreviation FAIL!


Behold. The portrait that hangs above Bruce Willis' fireplace.


Best cosplay eve


Classiest. Mugshot. Ever.


Conspiratory Keanu


Crowded pond


Fuck society, I like my women to have curves




Goatse Cake. Just because.


How Scientology started


I told those bitches not to confiscate my trumpet.


I would drive the hell out of this.


Informative laptop review


it's only a sony walkman....


Just to end the discussion once and for all, here it is on a sign!


My STUPID 120lbs dog got trapped in the pantry and tried to eat his way out the cat door...


Nice Parking, Dickbrain!


Now thats a fuckin deal


Number two in the office, G. But only because I can't figure what to make Meatwad out of.


Say cheese!


Self-portrait of a macrophotographer in a ball of a ballpoint pen. Simply Amazing


Sweet Plants vs Zombies mug I painted


The coolest thing I have ever drunkenly stolen.


These guys


Troll water


Was I wrong to expect it to be bigger


We call this the Liz Lemon Dilemma


WTF, sleep


Reddit is credit to internet!

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