June 5th Images

Best.Game.Ever. (Sadly I am old enough to remember when it was standard on Windows).




Conceptual Sandwich Artist


Dude! Tell me you're getting this! Right behind ya


Fuckin' Canada...


How people view me after I say I'm Russian


Husky + Corgi = Hugi


I found this in the children's section at Target..


I only have eyes for you Jack


I spent almost 5 hours working on this makeup, im kind of excited.


I wish I knew you when I was a kid


Lady Gaga & Stephen Fry sit down for a cup of tea


Let this be a lesson to you never mess with a skunk


Mini SuperGirl vs. Storm Trooper


Read Your Book Case


Rejected baby spider monkey comforted by toys


Saw this while going to class in the Computer Science building today, excellent artist


Stopped to photograph a police funeral in Brooklyn...when you see it...


There's just something about kitties!


This is a Maned wolf.



Reddit is credit to internet!

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