How would you properly end The Simpsons?


Cut back to Matt Groening in 1985 scribbling the Simpsons characters onto a piece of paper while waiting to meet James L Brooks in his office. He looks at them for a few moments, and then dismissively says “nah”, scrumples up the piece of paper, and throws it away, before walking into Brooks’ office with his Life in Hell cuttings in his hand.



They should age 1 year per episode until the end.



During the final episode, the scene near the end cuts to Fry from Futurama watching the Simpsons archives and saying ”they should have stopped making this when I got frozen”.



Milhouse snaps and kills everyone.



final scene would be them on the couch watching tv.



A nuclear meltdown that turns all of Springfield in to mutants. New cartoon is born.



Matt Groening wakes up to realize it was all a dream. He goes back to sleep, and Futurama starts.