I’m Sorry I Slammed Your Behind Area

I could hear you from afar while I was brushing my teeth, you knew me well and I knew you well too, I saw no need to stop brushing my teeth to greet you at the door.

I opened the heavy sliding glass door just a little, since you are so skinny after all, and was closing it as you entered, I heard a loud screatch come from you, but I could decode it, it said Bitch mother fucker.

I had neglected to take into account your tail had not came all the way in and I slammed the door shut on it.

“Sorry!” I screamed, but that was not enough, so I picked you up and made you purrrr

You seemed fine but you got your revenge, “Really, my spot on the couch”?

Let’s make a promise to each other, I won’t slam your tail, and you won’t kill me in my sleep you creepy cat bastard.

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