Pokemon: The Musical

Today we went for a little swim and laid outside :)  It was very nice, although I must bring some music next time :)

Now for some pictures and videos from around the net today :P.


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Peg from Steffi Min on Vimeo.

Pokemon: The Musical

Now this is amazing if you ask me :)

Also a little music.

The Hush Sound – The Boys Are Too Refined – Goodbye Blues


Valve ARG

Wow, so yesterday I spent all day doing the Valve ARG and I’m beat, but it was worth it. I had most of the games in the potato sack already, but I went ahead and bought it for the rest of them, plus I have many gifts to give out now :).

After many hours of gaming, I finally did it, here is my profile.

So I used a whole day to get potatoes…and I loved it!


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Dear lord this is funny :P

Also Trolling Bieber fans.

Finally, I’ll leave you with some great music from my Valve ARG day.

Internet Today – Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2 all in one day

First off, just look at this amazing Portal Case mode, Look at it!

Oh yeah, Team Fortress 2, that also had an update today, but what is this… no hats?

But what I mainly loved today was that Portal 2 may come out early :)

Now how about some pictures for today?

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Fuck everything about this!

Very nice :)

Dubstep :P

Let’s end with some music, shall we :P
Bad Boy – Cascada – Everytime We Touch