I’m just a 30 year old boomer who missed the memo where I was supposed to have Oikophobia by now.

I was into fat acceptance way before it was cool, mainly because I was a fat kid myself once. But don’t worry, I played Dance Dance Revolution and focused on losing weight so I could lose 125 pounds and return to being a normal sized human being before I could devolve type two diabetes(edgy boi alert here). To be real, I wish people the best in their fitness journey, and cheer on the fats that actually stay after Jan 15th in the gym, but I was a fat for 10 years of my life, I know first hand the excuses you make, because I made them too.

I mentioned Dance Dance Revolution. I still play to this day, though through StepMania. I don’t play competitively because I don’t use the bar, and I’m probably not as good as someone playing for over a decade should be, though sometimes I’m still impressed when I pass a song I’ve been trying for years and failing, I think, thanks ghost of Michael Jackson(media lied about him, by the way) for helping me out with those smooth moves right there.

I’ll play some random games here and there, but mostly I play Path of Exile. After playing since 2016, I think I’m almost ready to cash in on my carpal tunnel disability I’ve developed from playing flask piano. I normally play some type of golem build as my main, but I’ve been known to be a meta slave a time or two in my life, a he he he(Major Pain laugh)

I have not used social media other than YouTube since sometime around 2014 I think. Well, I guess I mean big ones, I don’t use things like Facebook or Twitter, I still have my tiny grass roots neo Nazi transgender toaster groups I frequent.

I like to go hiking with my wife. I do a lot with my wife. Moving around the country so much and not knowing a lot of people really makes your bond a lot tighter.

I ramble a lot, which is where I feel I’m at right now in this about post. Despite being 13, wait, despite my cynicism laced about page I love a lot this world has to offer, I love my country, even if I do think we should follow Japan in a lot of their political ideologies. I took down my old about page to write this one, but I’ll link the old one that is far less doomer.

What better way to end it than to post a picture and a quote, and to turn off comments so you have absolutely no say in the matter like most media YouTube videos will do. But mine is honestly for anti-spam, because after making YouTube videos from 2005 till 2013, I’ve developed very thicc skin.

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”