June 21st Images

A glimpse into your future


Beautiful like a flower ❀


Danny Trejo and a Chihuahua ...That is all


Do your parents do this?




Eat your food!


Every single time I have a cute waitress


Every time Girl Scout cookies come out, this is how I feel.


How porn looks before and after you masturbate


How the hell do they enforce the second one


I don't always have network problems ...


I don't always repost...


I stood still.... for 10 sec!


I wouldn’t want to mess up his perfect cheekbones


Lady Gaga


Lego playtime has changed


Mr. Memes


Nice touch, Nintendo


Now this is a fish tank!






The dreaded talk...


The view from the canoe


This guy is my hero.


This is Gilbert, my lunch box from 4th grade... I still use it


Truer words have never been spoken.



As always, Reddit is credit to internet!

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