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Pokemon Drinking Game


David Holden East


David Holden and Mike


David Holden and Cody Rapol playing the Pokemon drinking game


Gift Cat doesn't give a fuck

This is our rug!…we’re 6 :/

Also this picture :P

I don’t care for Wal*Mart at all, but even this picture looks nice there, you can even see the cart whisperer below :P

Yeah, you know who we are, so the title does not need our whole names, but in this digital world, I’m all about SEO, damn it :)

So Look at this beautiful thing right here, this is a bad ass, take no name, beat everyone up pita right here, this this is worth more than gold, more than watching Home Alone…well maybe not more than that, but it’s good :)

But things of beauty do not stay that way for long, because then these two fat things had to go and eat that beauty.

Soup and Video Games

February 1, 2011 — 2 Comments

At first I thought she was going to take my soup, and I was a little scared.  It’s my soup damn it!

Then I found she was only interested in play Grand Theft Auto 4 though, so it was cool.

Everyone was happy, even this thing.