A little Aww



After her first trip to the dog park.


Baby bats in blankets


Baby sloth just wants a cuddle.




First time he had seen snow.


Found in a car wheel well, abandoned. Most adorable kitten ever and my new best friend. Meet Milo.


Guitars must be so comfortable in these things...


I'm a Fox and I've My Cute Face Enabled


Kitty demands entry!


Let's play dead!


Meet Eddie


My cat kept trying to get into my jacket so I zipped her up in it and she promptly fell asleep.


My daughter decided to put a dress on her cat...now the cat refuses to let anyone take it off.


No title could possibly explain this cuteness


The best afternoon ever


This guy found me at work today


This little guy came in, today.


You will never know what sadness really is.


You'll never be this cozy


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