June 23rd Images

After the Kill


Chill guy is chill.




Every. Fucking. Episode


Hard to tell.


Has your credit card been stolen


Horrible Trigger Discipline


I friend of mine had a photographer secretly photograph his proposal. He was trolled by this kid, I fixed it.


Just lost my $35000yr job when I was caught drawing this instead of doing work. It was worth it I guess.


maybe he wants to trade...


Meanwhile, at a liquor store in Oklahoma.


lost his house key and asked for a replacement. Nailed it”]
Newborn fawn.


Not a morning dog...


So my friends and I brought class to McDonalds last night...


Some vegetables are more modest than others...


Sometimes I walk to the store. Posie gets pissed if she can't help. Seriously.


Thanks! I would never have thought of that!


This bear looks so wise.


Took this photo of a lion last week


What being a third wheel feels like


Who says I live in a quiet seaside town where nothing happens


You're Being Monitored


Zombie Caribou


As always, Reddit is credit to internet!

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