June 24th Images

A dented door would have been better.


A traditional German scarf


Every damn night...


Fine, walk there, do what you want!


Fox News has a new tactic.


Fuck everything about this


Gets me every damn time


How to Prevent Drowning


I highly recommend this tape...


I saw your picture of a lion an raise you a female lion hitting on me


I think I can safely say this box lied to me...


I will shoot your senior pics for extra cheap.


Just another dead link


My boob ogling chart.


My cat hates the way I drive.


My grandpa's banana hammock


My little sister loves The Big Bang Theory so i drew this for her birthday card.


RIP You Beautiful Man


Saved this guy from a losing battle of 4 adults against him.


Sir, I highly doubt that you're 'lost'. Here's your ticket. Have a nice day.


Sometimes I have nightmares about this...


Thai handicraft... Carved from a single piece of wood


The harsh reality of Lego building as a kid...


The Rock smuggles guns onto Splash Mountain in Disney.


This little guy


When You See It...


White girl problems.


Whoopi L. Jackson


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  1. We saw your video the other day, the long dancing one, nice. You girls might have some moves but you don’t have shit on my Bye Bye Bye singing and dancing :).

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