Zuma Beach

So Keeshia and I decided that we should go to the beach again, but this time it was a new beach we would visit.

I was busy getting my shower, singing a Chocolate Rain type song I made up on the fly, oh the lyrics were so amazing…not really, but listen at the end if you want, and then we ended up here.

It was a little pond area, with a man on a motorcycle. He had a mustache and we were pretty sure he wanted to sex us both up when we looked down by his feet and saw this.

He gave us a little smile and said, “I’ll spare you today my children”, and left, and we figured it had to be God since he called us his children, that and he ascended into Heaven on his bike. We both thought it was cool, so we took a picture of it…the land with us in front, not God.

And then a shameless decal plug showed up in the form of another picture.

After that we made out way to the beach, which once we got there we didn’t take any pictures at all, except these few, but since I said none, it was a lie!

I liked this because it reminded me of Rocket Power.

The picture below I liked because the birds were flying away, and that’s good because birds are crazy scary.

Also this sign of Malibu High School…why does the shark look confused?

We got super burned and had to get aloe later, and that sucked, but the drive home looked amazing :P

Also a ladybug.

I write like a 6 year old!

OK, here is the video, in case you forgot, Tay Zonday is the man with the voice like chocolate, and made it big with Chocolate Rain some years back.  I have no clue why I sung this, but it just came to me in the shower the day before the beach.

[jwplayer config=”Grunge” mediaid=”719″]


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