The Pizza

Oh cruel pizza, how you taunt me so!

You promised me that in the end you would fill me with cheesy, crusty goodness, with a small hint of pineapple on the tip of my tongue, but alas I can taste none of that.

I was busy doing my happy pizza dance while you were coming out of the oven and even bowed down to you as you were cut into, then you turned and bitch slapped your faithful follower.

I’ve heard that the tongue has millions of taste buds on it, is that true who knows, I heard it from a homeless man preaching about Jesus, but I can say that if I do have a million taste buds then you burned off 750,000 of them, you prick, all I ever wanted to do was love you, from now on I’m done with you.

Ohhhh My hot pocket is done

Fuck! The roof of my mouth

2 thoughts on “The Pizza

  1. Oi, happens to me ALL the time. Just act too fast.
    In fact, that happened less than twenty minutes ago.

    I had just pulled the teapot filled with water off the stove, and poured it into a mug.
    Well, me being the one who doesn’t wait for food/drink poured the cappuccino mix in, and tried to chug it.
    I now cannot feel my mouth.

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