International Dota 2 Championships on ESPN Networks

July 17, 2014 – Valve today announced that coverage of The International Dota 2 Championships will be presented in collaboration with ESPN on its live multi-screen sports network, ESPN3. In addition, an exclusive show previewing the final match will be presented on ESPN2 on Sunday at 8:30 pm Pacific. Live access to ESPN2 is also available on digital platforms via WatchESPN.

This year’s International, happening at a sold out KeyArena in Seattle, WA this Friday thru Monday (July 18-22), features a record-breaking prize pool of over $10 mil – the largest ever for a competitive gaming tournament. And for the first time, viewers can watch all the matches, interviews, and analysis happening over the course of the four-day event on ESPN3, accessible online at, on smartphones and tablets via the WatchESPN app, and streamed on televisions through Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

On Sunday, viewers can tune in to ESPN2 for an exclusive preview of the tournament’s final match, featuring highlights from the games, expert analysis, plus interviews with the players and Valve’s Gabe Newell.

“From the success of the Compendium to the collaboration with ESPN, this year’s International really demonstrates how much competitive gaming has grown to rival traditional sports,” said Erik Johnson of Valve. “We believe the teams have also pushed to a new level of play this year and will further demonstrate the incredible advances made across this tournament since it first began three short years ago.”

The International was first held in Cologne, Germany during the 2011 Gamescom with 16 of the best Dota 2 teams in the world competing for a grand prize of $1 million.

In 2013 the prize pool was bolstered beyond Valve’s contribution by Dota 2 player participation in the Interactive Compendium, driving the total prize pool to over $2.8 million, up from $1.6 million.

This year the Compendium has driven the prize pool over $10 million.

Dota 2 is a free-to-play, online action strategy game created by Valve (Bellevue, WA based makers of multiple game franchises and the leading online distribution platform, Steam).

Amazon set to launch Prime Instant Video app for Android: 4K content coming


Amazon wants you to use its Prime Instant Video service, formally LoveFilm, on its Kindle Fire tablets but an Android app is on the way, we can reveal. See also: Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video comparison review: What’s the best streaming service?

These days there’s an app for everything but if you want to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video then you’re actually fairly limited. There is an app for Kindle Fire tablets, iPads, games consoles and Smart TVs.

Many users have been reaching out to Amazon and hitting forums requesting an app for Android with no avail, but we have good news on this front.

Russell Morris, marketing director at Amazon Instant Video told PC Advisor at the firm’s Christmas show in central London (yes, in July) that an app for Android devices is ‘imminent’ although it’s unclear whether it will be available across both smartphone and tablet.

The launch of an Android app for non-Kindle devices would massively increase the potential reach for the streaming service – Google announced at I/O that it has 1 billion active users. This would help it in the battle with rival services such as Netflix and BlinkBox. Not everyone has a Kindle Fire or an iPad after all.

4K content is coming

4K quality content also looks like it will launch this year with Morris confirming that there is a team working on specifically that. Amazon Studios announced that it plans to shoot all 2014 full original series, including comedies and dramas, in 4K Ultra HD.

Two of its own-brand series will launch in 2014 with a further two to arrive in the first quarter of 2015 so these may arrive in UHD. Extant starting Halle Berry is already available but isn’t in 4K.


‘Arrested Development’ to return on Netflix

Arrested Development

Netflix is licensing new episodes of the TV series “Arrested Development” from 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television.

The sides struck a deal with the streaming service that will launch new episodes of the Emmy-winning comedy in early 2013, the studio confirmed.

The prospect of “Development” returning in both TV and film forms was raised last month when the show’s creator, Mitch Hurwitz, announced in an appearance at the New Yorker Festival that he was intent on reuniting the series’ original actors, including Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, for another go-round.

“Arrested” had a critically acclaimed run on Fox from 2003-2006, but the network canceled the series given its ratings were always modest at best.

All of the series regulars have expressed interest in returning and are expected back, though no deals have been done. How that will work will be interesting given many of them are maintaing busy careers. “Arrested” player Arnett is currently on the NBC series “Up All Night” and another alum, Portia de Rossi, is attached to a high-profile project in development at the Peacock.

Where this leaves the proposed “Arrested” feature film isn’t clear. While one source familiar with the project said it is currently in development at Fox Searchlight, another source at the studio denied it was an active project. Hurwitz’s vision of the film was to schedule it after the series run in order to drive interest at the box office, but at the very least it seems that the film and TV aren’t attached to each other.

Hurwitz was executive producer of “Arrested” with Imagine principals Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. The producing pair issued a statement: “Bringing a series back from cancellation almost never happens, but then, ‘Arrested’ always was about as unconventional as they get, so it seems totally appropriate that this show that broke the mold is smashing it to pieces once again.”

That Netflix has emerged the winner of a bidding war that reportedly included pay-TV player Showtime will be seen as a real coup for the service, which already gave Hollywood notice in March that it was in the original programming business in a big way when it ordered a 22-episode adaptation of the BBC drama “House of Cards” set to premiere next year. Analysts estimated “Cards,” which comes with Kevin Spacey attached to star and David Fincher to executive produce, cost Netflix $100 million to get the rights from Media Rights Capital.

Financial terms of the “Arrested” deal are not known but could be substantial given the caliber of talent involved.

While Netflix’s market capitalization was sent reeling in recent months after ill-advised decisions regarding its pricing, the need for original programming is all the greater as content companies have held the line at giving the service TV shows that are in-season.

Since Netflix started licensing original series, the service has been seen as a potential savior for ill-fated productions that get shuttered over the objections of a cult following too narrow to sustain them. But rescuing a show that comes with a built-in audience–albeit one too small to survive on TV–may be a safer strategy than creating a new property out of whole cloth.

The hedge on “Cards” is that its narrative has already gotten a test run in the U.K. but with different talent on both sides of the camera.

Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix said of the deal, “‘Arrested Development is one of the finest American comedies in TV history and its return through Netflix is a perfect example of how we are working closely with studios and networks to provide consumers with entertainment they love,'” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer.

The return of “Development” would be a stunner given it is rare that a series comes back after a protracted absence, though 20th and Fox have seen precedent here: Animated series “Family Guy” was canceled in 2001 only to be revived three years later after the series fared well on DVD and in syndication.

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Apple ordered to reveal iPhone 4S source code to Samsung in Australia

iphone sorce code


Samsung’s lawyers are spending the weekend curled up with the iPhone’s source code — an Australian judge recently ordered Apple to turn it over as part of the ongoing patent lawsuit in that country. The move isn’t unexpected: we assumed it would happen after Samsung asked for the code in Australia last week. And while we don’t have all the details on what transpired in the courtroom, we’ve been able to piece together a pretty good idea of what happened.

It makes sense that Samsung’s source code request was granted — it’s how you evaluate patent infringement claims when you’re dealing with this type of technology. Apple apparently began handing over the iPhone 4S source code yesterday, and while disputes over whether Apple’s code production is adequate will surely be raised by Samsung in the future, it seems that this particular discovery argument has been resolved in Samsung’s favor without too much fanfare.

As we expected, though, the more controversial issue was over whether Samsung was entitled to the agreements between Apple and the regional telcos. Apple argued these documents were highly confidential and irrelevant to Samsung’s infringement allegations. On this issue, the judge acted swiftly but cautiously, ordering Apple to hand over certain terms of the contracts to Samsung. The court then determined that based on Apple’s representations of what was contained in the documents, Samsung’s allegations that Apple demanded preferential treatment from the telcos didn’t have any legs. With that, the judge called the issue tangential and set it aside for now.

Neither of these rulings are too surprising — the hearing on Samsung’s motion to block sales of the iPhone 4S in Australia is scheduled to start November 15, and the court is keeping everyone focused on the merits of the actual patent infringement case. We’ll let you know what happens next week.


Steam Downtime Message

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