My First Web Page

With geocities going down soon, I thought I would go back and look at my first web page I created all those years ago.

I’m convinced I’ve lost some of my humor over the years, just looking at that old page tickles my funny bone, it’s so bad it’s good.

Let’s look at the best, shall we?

My First Web Pag(geocities)

First off, the last time I remember looking at this page was with my Friend Jeremy from school, I still remember him making fun of me for it.  Most notably is the first line, “Hello scum Welcome to Hell”  I can not say this with a straight face.  Wait let’s make a bullet list of things instead

  • Hello scum welcome to hell
  • Roseville(funny)…I don’t know why I have funny listed by my town
  • Hot girls page…I remember I made up a story to go along with one of the pictures, she had a whole back story and everything, her name was Molly(actually look at the end of the post to see her picture)
  • XXX – I love that I made this in red, I guess red is dirty or sexy, or dirty sexy.  I took the page down because I was scared my mom would find it(oh 7th grade, how innocent)
  • I’m pretty sure everyone of my pages had music on it, with no way to stop it short of actually hitting the stop button on your browser.  Damn, Jamming to “No Will Power” right now(a DBZ MIDI file on my front page)

I suppose I disliked these two.


Word of advice, never take your old web page down, you can look back on it 11 or 12 years later and laugh

Can’t forget Molly, the pale girl who stole my heart on vacation, was my first kiss, and how we used to hold hands walking down the beach…I should be a sappy novel writer.


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