Halloween 2009

Athens Ohio Halloween 2009 - Death Note

This Halloween was super fuc—-fun!

First before I get to Halloween 2009 in Athens, let’s go back a week and see a few pumpkins that my friends and I made, shall we? Fuck it, I’m going back even if you don’t want me too.

Here is Keeshia with her nice little reddit alien logo

Keeshia McDonald with her Reddit Pumpkin

Kay here is doing an ode to Halloween’s of yesteryear

Kay with Her Normal Pumpkin for Halloween

Heather is making a little kitty she found right before we went to carve the Pumpkins

Heather Smith with her Kitty

Here is my beauty, the look of disapproval

Look of Disapproval

And here are some of them lit up

Reddit Logo, Look of Disapproval, and Kitty Pumpkin

First time I’ve done a pumpkin in a long time….sounds sexual…. good!

As you can see, I dressed up as Light Yagami from the anime Death Note…with a little bit of the demo man in me – kaaaaaaboooooommmmmmmm

Light Yagami Cosplay from Death Note

Keeshia went as my counter part from the anime Death Note, Misa Amane

Misa Amane cosplay from Death Note

Andrea Miller went as Janis Joplin
Andrea Miller as Janis Joplin

Kay was dressed as a robot that Keeshia had made her
Kay dressed as a robot

Heather Smith went as Hannah Montana
Heather Smith as Hannah Montana

And Kahlin went as Mario’s Brother…wait for it….:D oh yeah
Kahlin Mayle

We saw many great outfits and had a great time.

We summoned the great dick in the sky many times, we had circle drinks in the street while cops were around, and we even met a nice fellow from Japan who Keeshia fell in love with…I did too, don’t judge me, it’s 2009, GAAAAYYYYYY!!!!

Here is a picture of the pikachu that was so nice and lovely
Pikachu at the Cat's Eye Bar in Athens Ohio

This young lady puked all over the place when a bunch of cops were around, bitch is going down!!
Dumbass pukes by cops

The scout, this was a highlight of the night, he was so happy that we knew his outfit, I guess not many knew who he was, BONK!
Keeshia with the scount from team fortress 2 in Athens Ohio

Frylock made a quick appearance but quickly had to leave because shake was up to no good, Meatwad just jammed out with his meatbox
Frylock in Athens Ohio on Halloween

Ozzy came by after we got pizza
Ozzy Osbourne in Athens Ohio with Keeshia McDonald and Andrea Miller

I met the missing link…it’s a girl link, cause there is a boy link so the missing one would be a girl…fuck
Link from Zelda in Athens Ohio

This Halloween made me very haaaaaaaappppppppppppyyyyyyyy

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  1. Haha (my email is old am actually 16…bleh)
    Anyway, looks like it was frickin fun! XDDD I like the last pic! Ish my fav! And OMFG ASIAN PIKACHU! X3

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