Dolphin Rescue(Found out it was a Whale)

While on Vacation, my girlfriend and I saved a dolphin that had been beached.

We were about two miles away from our hotel in Myrtle Beach and there was no light, at first we thought it was a shark.

We took a few pictures before we were going to rescue it, and then we saw lights on the beach, it was a police officer looking for a dead body of a 13 year old boy.

We flagged him down and asked if he would help us put it back in the water, he tried by himself first, and then he asked for us both to help :)

We put it back in the water and she swam away.


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2 thoughts on “Dolphin Rescue(Found out it was a Whale)

  1. This is pretty epic! I would have totally saved it, probably by digging a trench so the water would reach it, cause thats how i roll.

    Depressing about the 13 y/o boy though. fail.

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