Halloween 2009

Athens Ohio Halloween 2009 - Death Note

This Halloween was super fuc—-fun!

First before I get to Halloween 2009 in Athens, let’s go back a week and see a few pumpkins that my friends and I made, shall we? Fuck it, I’m going back even if you don’t want me too.

Here is Keeshia with her nice little reddit alien logo

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My First Web Page

With geocities going down soon, I thought I would go back and look at my first web page I created all those years ago.

I’m convinced I’ve lost some of my humor over the years, just looking at that old page tickles my funny bone, it’s so bad it’s good.

Let’s look at the best, shall we?

My First Web Pag(geocities)

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Melancholy Pits

My arm pits are getting scaryly(is that a word?  Fuck it, it is now) hairy.  What is wrong with me, I used to keep them so well shaved, I think it’s due to working out, the man juices are flowing into me, hey look a penny, nope no time to pick that up, it does not weigh enough, now a quarter, that is where it’s at.  Yes, so a shave is in order, I manscape quite often, I don’t really want to wake up and look like Rob Williams back someday(ewwww).

I’ve been reading a lot, just finished this light novel today:

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