Pita night with Cody Rapol and Keeshia McDonald

Yeah, you know who we are, so the title does not need our whole names, but in this digital world, I’m all about SEO, damn it :)

So Look at this beautiful thing right here, this is a bad ass, take no name, beat everyone up pita right here, this this is worth more than gold, more than watching Home Alone…well maybe not more than that, but it’s good :)

But things of beauty do not stay that way for long, because then these two fat things had to go and eat that beauty.

How to lose weight fast and easy

I went from close to 250 pounds down to 125(about 133 now).

I give a back story on myself and also give you tips on how to lose weight yourself.

I hope this can help you.

If you have any questions at all, I’ll try and help if you send them to my e-mail account: sumfight at gmail dot com


-Cody Rapol

Happy Cinco de Mayo

I thought we were going to go get pizza when I was going down to Athens, but when I got there, this face greeted me and said it was Cinco de Mayo and we were going to a Mexican restaurant, my favorite!


Everyone was pretty much ready for food as you can tell.


We ate and had a good time, but no one took the camera out to get any pictures :/

The guy also started giving back a ton more money than he should have when we paid, but they said something so they didn’t cheat the place… if it happened to me I would have taken the money and ran :).

Then Heather returned muddy shoes :P

Then we went into party mode.

Matt went into penis touch mode.

This is Heather breaking her back while dancing, she had so much soul :)


Then Kay bitched out on us, and Matt, Heather, Keeshia, and I all walked to the bar(s).  It was a long walk, some of us got tired.

Then we met an old man, I got a few pictures with him and danced.

Then this happened…

and then the night was over… one more dance though.


Then it was the morning.

We all had a great time :P

Next week we are going down to hang out with Heather again, and our friend Andrea will be there.

New pictures and shattered ear drums next week :).




The Competitive Friend

I fucking hate you.

Yes, we should try our best in life and live it to the fullest, but how proud of yourself can you be when you do a happy dance in front of me for killing me one time in brawl.

You’re better than me at a game you play 24 fucking 7 and I’ve only first attempted to play tonight?  Really, who would have guessed that, I sure didn’t because I’m stupid as shit, and I must be to play a game with you.

Oh look I finally beat you…but then you loudly exclaim you still killed more people.

Just relax and play the game, yes winning is nice, I know that, this is why I introduced you to World of Warcraft, now I never even see you anymore, checkmate.