May 25th Images

A couple thousand years later and I'm still falling for it...


A Tiny Little Crab, Hawaii


Alan Rickman's goodbye letter to Harry Potter as sent to Empire Magazine.


And you will never see him again


Angry outlet terrifies his neighbors


Arrested 05251986. Was caught spray painting God Is Gay on pickup trucks.


Chair embedded into wall after Joplin tornado


Every bunny was.......


Found this box at work. I am a robot!


Happy Birthday to Sir Ian McKellen!! One of the greats!


Happy little Legos.


I asked my friend to draw me a Metroid picture. He did better then I could have imagined.


I inserted two $1 bills into a vending machine and this happened. In related news, I will be hosting a Gardetto'sFunyun party at my local laundromat.


I remember when this booklet was the most porno I owned.


Kitty was socializing with the local wildlife today


Link doesn't like it when people don't call him by his name


Little tiger


My dad was busy while talking to someone on the phone so he decided to go a boss!


Robotnik indeed...


Sand faces


Scumbag Cole


Taking the polar bears for a walk


We made Portal mirrors!


Reddit is credit to internet!

Happy Cinco de Mayo

I thought we were going to go get pizza when I was going down to Athens, but when I got there, this face greeted me and said it was Cinco de Mayo and we were going to a Mexican restaurant, my favorite!


Everyone was pretty much ready for food as you can tell.


We ate and had a good time, but no one took the camera out to get any pictures :/

The guy also started giving back a ton more money than he should have when we paid, but they said something so they didn’t cheat the place… if it happened to me I would have taken the money and ran :).

Then Heather returned muddy shoes :P

Then we went into party mode.

Matt went into penis touch mode.

This is Heather breaking her back while dancing, she had so much soul :)


Then Kay bitched out on us, and Matt, Heather, Keeshia, and I all walked to the bar(s).  It was a long walk, some of us got tired.

Then we met an old man, I got a few pictures with him and danced.

Then this happened…

and then the night was over… one more dance though.


Then it was the morning.

We all had a great time :P

Next week we are going down to hang out with Heather again, and our friend Andrea will be there.

New pictures and shattered ear drums next week :).